Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Year Of The Cookie

Hi! This is Tawny and Matt and we are going to start "The Year Of The Cookie." Starting April 30, 2010, We are going to bake a different cookie recipe each day for one full year. We will take these cookies to a new person every day. We'll start by giving them to somebody we know, then we will ask that person to refer us to someone they know, but that we do not know. The next day, we will deliver cookies to the person we were referred to. Then the cycle will continue and we will ask them to refer us to someone, so that we are meeting a new person every day for 1 year. We will post the cookie recipe and a short story about the experience from that day.
Basically it just sounded like a fun idea as well as getting to meet new people and be more involved in the community. And also because I love cooking and baking, especially love cookies (might even have a small obsession with them). Sounds like fun, right? Well, read along and find out :) Oh yea, feel free to share any comments or suggestions you might have. Follow TawnyAlexander on Twitter


  1. sweet!! i'm so excited to follow along on your Cookie adventure!! haha

  2. lol good! someone's gotta read about it :)