Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Cupcakes

We went to the Exploratorium a couple months ago in San Francisco. It's a really fun science museum with a ton of different exhibits to check out. One of the exhibits in the 'mind' section was a water fountain that looked like a toilet. It was saying that most people wouldn't drink from the fountain (although it was perfectly for as drinking fountains go) simply because it was a toilet. I think that same thing would apply to food. I'm not too big into the gross looking Halloween food. I mean, it looks cool and all but isn't presentation a big part of eating? I don't find severed body parts or kitty litter cakes very appetizing. So here's some cutesy treats that are simple and don't take too long. Unless maybe you have babies distracting you like me and my friend did while trying to decorate them. We also did a little Halloween photo shoot for our babies and I gotta say, they're the cutest things. Ever. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

No recipe here, it's pretty self explanatory from the pictures. Make yourself some cupcakes. I just used a box of Funfetti to make life easier. Color some icing the different colors you want and go to town! We did mummies, vampires and pumpkins here.

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  1. They are the cutest little things on the planet! And making those cupcakes was so fun...even if the babies were distracting us the whole time :)