Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Asiago (or Parmesan) Ciabatta

This recipe comes from King Arthur Flour. Those people really know what they're doing because this bread is simply amazing. It's an easy recipe and doesn't require a lot of work. It's hard to believe something requiring simple pantry staples turns out to be so good! The first time I made it I used Asiago cheese and this time I tried Parmesan since I was making some other stuff using parmesan as well. Both are equally delicious. The bread is soft and chewy and has bursts of cheese throughout it. And be sure to eat the crispy pieces of cheese that ooze out onto the pan :) (I ate them before I took the picture, but you can see 1 little piece still on the end) Asiago (or Parmesan) Ciabatta For some reason Blogger is messing up the formatting when I put the recipe in, so visit here, King Arthur Flour for the recipe. I'll just add that I didn't use a mixer on the dough but instead kneaded it by hand for a few minutes until soft and slightly sticky. I also had to add a little extra water. Follow TawnyAlexander on Twitter

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