Thursday, March 3, 2011

Baking Misadventures

Don't you hate when you make something and it doesn't turn out very good..especially if you put a lot of time, effort or money into it? Most of the time things turn out pretty good, but it's bound to happen once in a while, especially when trying new recipes. I'm going to post about these because I like to know not only when something is amazing, but also when it's not, so I can avoid those things.
The first one I made a month or two ago. It was in the evening and I was needing some chocolate. I turned to these Self Frosting Nutella Cupcakes (if you want the recipe, just search it online) because they were really quick and easy and i'd be able to satisfy my sweet tooth in no time. It didn't taste at all like a cupcake to me. They were heavier and to me, tasted similar to corn bread. Sounds weird, I know.. but it did. I also didn't like how the nutella felt dried out, like some crusty frosting that's been sitting around. I don't mean to sound harsh, they weren't the worst thing out there, but I wasn't a fan.

Self Frosting Nutella Cupcakes

Next up is this Classic Coconut Cake that I found in the current issue of Bon Appetite (March 2011). A reader of the magazine inquired of this recipe from a restaraunt in Charleston. I also made this to take for my mother in law's birthday. Matt doesn't like coconut and I love it so I knew if I wanted to try this cake, I had to make it when there would be other's around to help partake of it. I got really excited because i've never made a coconut cake before and I figured this one would be really good (maybe that was part of the problem, I had high expectations for it). I followed the recipe exactely so I have a hard time thinking it was something I did wrong. I'm not sure why, but I didn't think the cake had very good flavor. However I did love the frosting, I thought it was really good and I would make that again.
So obviously these are just my opinions, take them as you want :) I'm sure there's people out there who have tried these recipes and might think differently.

Classic Coconut Cake

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  1. love it, ha. i post mine with all my critiques and annoyances.this is better. thanks for sharing! -meg

  2. I should post some of my misses too. Too bad about the self frosting Nutella cupcakes, it sounds like such a great idea.