Sunday, March 20, 2011

Monster Marshmallow Cookies

Not a lot of baking has been going on lately. We just got back from a trip we took down to Pismo Beach and Solvang, CA. It was a lot of fun! While everyone was up here getting rained on we were building sandcastles on the beach. And in just a few days we're about to go on another trip for a few days to San Diego. Not looking forward to the 8 hr drive, but it'll be worth it. So anyway, the other thing that quickly caught my eye in this months food network magazine were these cookies. They did a contest where readers had to submit recipes using the secret ingredient, which was marshmallows, and this is the entry that won. I made these last week right before we took off and I was really confused. Either not many good recipes were entered, I did something wrong (but it's cookies..they're simple. and I've made cookies enough to know how to do I don't think that was the problem) or maybe they didn't make the recipes before picking a winner. Although they weren't terrible, I really don't see how they won.. they sounded great but the outcome wasn't that amazing, which stinks because I love marshmallows and think it was a pretty easy secret ingredient to work with. They were very crunchy (and I even left out the nuts) and I prefer a softer cookie. I also found them to be rather tasteless. I ate a few and the rest ended up getting tossed. Give it a try if you'd like but this isn't one i'll be keeping.

Monster Marshmallow Cookies
food network magazine April 2011

I didn't post the recipe, but instead posted the link to it on food network's website since it's already typed up and everything. Follow TawnyAlexander on Twitter

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  1. I'm not sure..sometimes I prefer a crunchy cookie and then sometimes I prefer soft. Probably soft more so. Thanks for your thoughts about the recipe though