Monday, January 3, 2011

What's Up?

I haven't posted anything here for a really long time, I know. So I thought i'd give an explanation. It first started slowing down after I got pregnant. Then on top of that, right before Thanksgiving I got my appendix out. That was a very long recovery full of dr. appts. and blood tests! Not long after we took a little trip to Monterey, went up to WA for Christmas and the day after returning home from that headed to Disneyland for New Years. And currently we're down by San Diego for a couple more days while my husband does some stuff for a book he's working on. Phew! So much has been going on the last couple months cooking and baking (and blogging) hasn't exactely been on the top of my to-do list and i've been letting a lot of other people and places take care of it for me. Maybe once we get back and things start to get back to normal it'll resume. In the meantime i'll just be enjoying the rest of this break :) Follow TawnyAlexander on Twitter


  1. I appreciate your blog and hope you enjoy the rest of your break. Happy New Year! :o)